Deepfreeze vials and storageboxes


Subcategory image: 1 ml / 2 ml / 3 ml / 4 ml Glass vials

Deepfreeze vials of glass, plastic and aluminium for use between temperature range +121°C through to -196°C.
These products are manufactured in Germany, partially on our own machines; this guaranties short lines and high quality.

Our delivery and stock system guaranties quick delivery and plenty of flexibility.

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In Germany we represent the following companies:                                                                                                          Search       

Hycult Biotech (hycultbiotech)
Products for research in following areas:
• Innate Immunity
• Inflammation
• Cell- and tissue damage

Elisa-Kits and Antibodies (mono-/polyclonal)

Monosan (monosan)
• monoclonal/polyclonal Antibodies
• Monosan - Ready to Use Antibodies (monoclonal/polyclonal)
• Monosan - Reagents (Applications for immuno-histochemistry)

Protos Immuno Inc. (protosimmunoresearch)
• Affinity purified antibodies, F(ab‘) 2 & Fab‘ fragments and Conjugates
• Streptavidin Conjugates
• Purified Proteins

BTI Inc. (BtiInc)
• Cell Growth Factors & Attachment Factors
• Immuno-assay Kits
• Cell Culture Additives & Components
• Lipoproteins / Proteins
• Antibodies
EY-Labs Inc. (eylabs)
• Biochemical Reagents
• Lectins, Antibodies, Colloidal Gold, Affinity Chromatography

Epitope Biotech Inc.  (
• Tag Andibodies
• Loading Controlls
• Signal Transduktion Andibodies

 MedChem Express (medchem)
• Research-Chemicals and Biochemical Reagents
  (novel life-science reagents, reference compounds, 
  APIs andNatural compounds for laboratory and scientific use)